2010-09-08 03:35 pm

Fic: NCIS, Worthless

Title: Worthless
Rating: PG, FRT (minor language not directly abusive)
Fandom: NCIS
Characters: Focus DiNozzo, DiNozzo/rest of team, DiNozzo/Gibbs
Spoilers: No specific spoilers, refers to some of season 5
Words: 1,509
Type: One-shot, general
Author's note: Cross posted from [livejournal.com profile] weird_fin
Summary: Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo hadn’t been having a good day. He stood there trying to see what Timothy McGee and Ziva David had exactly meant by their remarks and secretive glances to each other. This was starting to bug him, they had been toying with him all day…

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2010-08-21 09:57 pm
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First post.

No icon, no friends (sorry no one in my 'circle'), no previous posts, no tag list to choose from. Quite different from what I've begun getting used to. :P

So if anyyone does by chance stumble across my little abode... Hi! And welcome. Do we have something in common or was this a chance encounter? Anyway. I am finished for the first post I think. :)


See you later.